MD19: Serving Lions Clubs In British Columbia, Northern Idaho And Washington Since 1922
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Past District Governors

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District 19–H

Year Name Club
2017-2018 Corinne White Fort Langley Lions Club
2016-2017 John Moralek Surrey Central Lions Club
2015-2016 Don Wight Bellingham Central Lions Club
2014-2015 Al Stobbart Sasquatch Lions Club
2013-2014 Kenny Lee Richmond Chinatown Lions Club
2012-2013 Surinder Gahir Abbotsford Lions Club
2011-2012 Tom Bond Oak Harbor Lions Club
2010-2011 Judy Portas Langley Lions Club
2009-2010 Virginia Edgelow Lynden Lions Club
2008-2009 Mel Stokes Langley Lions Club
2007-2008 Greville Edgelow Lynden Lions Club
2006-2007 Gary Lutz North Widbey Lions Club
2005-2006 Carl (Dick) Eisenbrey Coupville Lions Club
2004-2005 Ray Tremblay Langley Lions Club
2003-2004 Allan Hunt Chilliwack Mount Cheam Lions Club
2002-2003 Ray Tremblay Langley Lions Club
2001-2002 Lynn Vaughn Bellingham Harborview Lions Club
2000-2001 Ruth Roberts North Delta Dogwood Lions Club
1999-2000 John Lintelow Maple Ridge Lions Club
1998-1999 Alex J. Graham Burquitlam Lions Club
1997-1998 Surinder Gahir Abbotsford Lions Club
1996-1997 Donald Kirkpatrick Bellingham Central Lions Club
1996-1996 Gordon C. Roberts White Rock Lions Club
1994-1995 Jack Wong Maple Ridge Lions Club
1993-1994 Harold (Hal) Vaughn Bellingham Central Lions Club
1992-1993 Donald Hudson Sasquatch Lions Club
1991-1992 Jack Webster Mount Vernon Lions Club
1990-1991 I. Joseph Weber Coupeville Lions Club
1989-1990 Russell Wellburn Ladner Lions Club
1988-1989 Roderick S. Barnes Coupville Lions Club
1987-1988 Edward J. Bunz Burlington Lions Club
1986-1987 Peter Cummings Richmond Lions Club
1985-1986 Ed Brown Bellingham Central Lions Club
1984-1985 William Friend Clearbrook Lions Club
1983-1984 R. E. Banning Bellingham Fairhaven Lions Club
1982-1983 G. Durward Roberson Oak Harbor Lions Club
1981-1982 Robert A. Glenn Newton Lions Club
1980-1981 Earl R. Eddy Mount Vernon Lions Club
1979-1980 John D. Flamank White Rock Lions Club
1978-1979 Burrell L. Hardan Bellingham Central Lions Club
1977-1978 Fred Clempson Abbotsford Lions Club
1976-1977 Dennis Gudbranson Bellingham Central Lions Club
1975-1976 Phil Portrey Ferndale Lions Club
1974-1975 Joseph A. Brislin Oak Harbor Lions Club
1973-1974 Robert I. Peterson Bellingham Central Lions Club
1972-1973 James Gung Richmond Lions Club
1971-1972 John A. R. Baker Chilliwack Lions Club
1970-1971 Thomas H. Tait New Westminster Lions Club
1969-1970 E. H. Emery Victoria Central Lions Club
1968-1969 Lyall Grath Richmond Lions Club
1967-1968 Jack Tang Victoria Chinatown Lions Club
1966-1967 Clark L. Matthieu Port Angeles Lions Club