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Merger Committees:
  • PDG Donna Murr to chair 19–C District Merger Committee.
  • District 19–G Merger Committee to be chaired by PDG Doug Harvey.
  • 36 Lions attended a District 19–G “Redistricting Information Night” on 9/14/2021, with PCC J.D. Nellor and PDG Brien Patton.
  • 19–D, 19–E and 19–F District Merger Committees to meet with PDG Steve Noble and PCC John Kirry.
  • 19–C Merger Committee holds informational meeting August 24, 2021.
Strategic Planning Committee:
Redisrticting Grants:

Redistricting Multiple District 19

The MD19 Council of Governors directed by unanimous vote at the June 12, 2021 Council of Governors meeting that MD19 to prepare a redistricting plan based on a recommendation from the MD19 Strategic Planning Committee that the 9 current districts be consolidated into 5 districts. Redistricting must be approved by a majority vote of the delegates at a Multiple District Convention (a regular convention or a special convention called). If the MD19 delegates vote to redistrict, an application for redistricting and the redistricting plan will be submitted to Lions Clubs International for final approval.

This page contains information about and resources for districts, clus and Lions for the redistricting process: The timeline, the development of a plan, plan implementation and the approval process. These resources will be updated frequently, so check back often for updates, new information and new resources.

Map Of Current MD19 Districts Document Thumbnail Image Map Of Proposed Districts Following Redistricting Document Thumbnail Image
Comparison Of Current And Proposed MD19 Districts Document Thumbnail Image MD19 Redistricting Map Logo Document Thumbnail Image
The MD19 Roadmap To Redistricting Document Thumbnail Image Listing Of Proposed New MD19 Districts Document Thumbnail Image
Role Of District Merger Committees Document Thumbnail Image Redistricting FAQs Document Thumbnail Image
Strategic Planning Committee's Report To Council Of Governors June 12, 2021 Document Thumbnail Image PowerPoint —
Report of the MD19 Strategic Planning Committee
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Lions Clubs International Guide To Redistricting Document Thumbnail Image Lions Clubs Internationl Bylaws Article 8 Section 3 Redistricting Rules Document Thumbnail Image
Redistricting MD19: Challenges And Opportunities Ahead! by PCC John Kirry Document Thumbnail Image PowerPoint —
Redistricting Multiple District 19: A Path To Success
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Contact Information: Strategic Planning Committee Members Document Thumbnail Image