MD19: Serving Lions Clubs In British Columbia, Northern Idaho And Washington Since 1922
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Officers And Directors, 2023–2024

Council Chairperson

  • Steve Noble (Kathy) — Yakima Lions Club, 19–S

Vice Council Chairperson

  • Patty Allen–White (Rock) — Bellingham Central Lions Club, 19–O

Immediate Past Council Chairperson

  • Lyndon Harriman (Peggy) — River City Club Branch (Post Falls Lions Club), 19–S

Immediate Past International Director

  • Allan Hunt (Sonja) — Chilliwack Mount Cheam Lions Club, 19–O

Council Of Governors

  • Elaine Luk — DG District 19–L, Vancouver Cathay Lions Club
  • Michael Livingstone (Val) — DG District 19–I, Okanagan Falls Lions Club
  • Joel Haggen (Vicki) — DG District 19–O, Bellingham Fairhaven Lions Club
  • Lisa Ikeda (Peter) — DG District 19–N, Pierce County Virtual Lions Club
  • Ken Cook (Elaine) — DG District 19–S, Couer d'Alene Lions Club
  • May Ho (Davis) — PDG District 19–L, Vancouver Metropolitan Lions Club
  • Debbie M. Allan (Brian) — PDG District 19–I, North Kamloops Lions Club
  • Lee Woodard (Sharon) — PDG District 19–O, Everett Central Lions Club
  • Steven W. Wong — PDG District 19–O, Richmond Chinatown Lions Club
  • John Budzak, Jr. (Tracie) — PDG District 19–N, Greater Puyallup Lions Club
  • Debbie M. Mansell (Mark) — PDG District 19–N, Penninsula Lions Club
  • Harry Lippincott — PDG District 19–S, Liberty Lake Lions Club
  • Melissa Smith (Philip) — PDG District 19–S, Potlach Lions Club