MD19: Serving Lions Clubs In British Columbia, Northern Idaho And Washington Since 1922
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MD19 Officers And Directors, 2020–2021

Council Chair

  • Al Hedstrom (Linda) — Silverdale Sunrise Lions Club, 19 C–4

Vice Council Chair

  • John Moralek (Frankie) — Surrey Central Lions Club, 19 H–5

Immediate Past Council Chair

  • John “J. D.” Nellor (Susan) — Vancouver (Washington) Lions Club, 19 G–2
    • Home phone: 360-696-1657
    • Work Phone: 360-816-2241
    • Cell phone: 360-513-7035
    • Email:

Council Of Governors

  • Hans Wong — DG District 19–A, Vancouver Diamond Lions Club
  • Kenneth Liu — IPDG District 19–A, Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club
  • Vilma Fernandez (Mel) — DG District 19–B, Seattle First Hill Lions Club
  • Mike Lally — IPDG District 19–B, Tulalip Lions Club
  • Donna A. Murr (Ilias) — DG District 19–C, Lacey Sunrise Lions Club
  • Patrick "Pat" Burch (Sherri) — IPDG District 19–C, Poulsbo Noon Lions Club
  • Joe Nilles (Dorothy) — DG District 19–D, Leavenworth Lions Club
  • Debbie Bostock (Angus) — IPDG District 19–D, Kamloops Paddlewheelers Lions Club
  • Peggy Harriman (Lyndon) — DG District 19–E, Post Falls Lions Club
  • Frank Bega (Marge) — IPDG District 19–E, Rathdrum Lions Club
  • Ray Fujiura (Melba) — DG District 19–F, Sunnyside Lions Club
  • Kenneth Allan (Tammy) — IPDG District 19–F, Selah Valley Lions Club
  • Doug Harvey (Dolly) — DG District 19–G, Longview Pioneer Lions Club
  • Stephen Staudinger (Shelley) — IPDG District 19–G, Vancouver Fort Vancouver Lions Club
  • Orson Christensen (Diana) — DG District 19–H, North Widbey Lions Club
  • Patty L. Allen — IPDG District 19–H, Bellingham Central Lions Club
  • Jane Beddows (Al) — DG District 19–I, Sooke Harborside Lions Club
  • Cec Specht (Cathy) — IPDG District 19–I, Comox Valley Monarch Lions Club