MD19: Serving Lions Clubs In British Columbia, Northern Idaho And Washington Since 1922
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MD19 Districts

Multiple District 19 of Lions Clubs International (“MD19”) is comprised of 9 “districts” of Lions, Lioness and Leo clubs located in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and the States of Idaho and Washington in the United States.

MD19 was born in 1922 as a single district, District 19, serving 8 Lions clubs in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington. It became Multiple District 19 during the 1947–1948 fiscal year when it reorganized into 5 districts serving 179 clubs: Districts 19–A, 19–B, 19–C, 19–D and 19–E.

Districts 19–D and 19–E were reorganized into Districts 19–D, 19–E and 19–F during the 1950–1951 fiscal year. District C was reorganized into Districts 19–C and 19–G in 1964, giving MD19 7 districts with 299 clubs. Two more reorganizations brought MD19 to its current 9 districts: District 19–A was reorganized into Districts 19–A and 19–H in 1966–1967, and then Districts 19–A and 19–H became Districts 19–A, 19–H and 19–I in 1970–1971.