MD19: Serving Lions Clubs In British Columbia, Northern Idaho And Washington Since 1922
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MD19 Officers And Directors

Council Chair

  • Jon M. Whitman (Carol) — Pullman Lions Club, 19 F–7

Vice Council Chair

  • John Kirry (Sharon) — Gig Harbor Lions Club, 19 C–1

Immediate Past Council Chair

  • Enoch Rowland (Bobbin Fuller–Vanderber) — Burien Lions Club, 19 B–5

Council Of Governors

  • Grace Hwo — DG District 19–A, Vancouver Pacific Lions Club
  • Simon Yau — IPDG District 19–A, Vancouver Broadway Lions Club
    • Home phone: 604-657-1886
    • Cell phone: 604-657-1886
    • Email:
  • Greg Vicars (Cindy) — DG District 19–B, Burien Lions Club
  • Mariano "Mar" Murillo (Conntancia) — IPDG District 19–B, Seattle Bituin Lions Club
  • Ron Smircich (Ursula) — DG District 19–C, Lacey Lamplighters Lions Club
  • Jan Weatherly (Art) — IPDG District 19–C, Olympia Host Lions Club
  • Steve Muenz (Sandi) — DG District 19–D, Kelowna Okanagan Mission Lions Club
  • Wanda Carisse — IPDG District 19–D, North Kamloops Lions Club
  • Harry Lippincott (Janette) — DG District 19–E, Liberty Lake Lions Club
  • Glen Barry (Doreen) — IPDG District 19–E, Salmo Lions Club
  • Crystal Walk (David) — DG District 19–F, College Place Lions Club
  • David Walk (Crystal) — IPDG District 19–F, College Place Lions Club
  • Bill Karcher — DG District 19–G, Vancouver Dawn Lions Club
  • Monte Ward (Anne) — IPDG District 19–G, Kalama Lions Club
  • Corinne White — DG District 19–H, Fort Langley Lions Club
  • John Moralek (Frankie) — IPDG District 19–H, Surrey Central Lions Club
  • Joyce Boyle (Everett) — DG District 19–I, Comox Valley Lions Club
  • Alan Guy (Janet) — IPDG District 19–I, Mayne Island Lions Club